My Month In Numbers

Julie Kirk of Notes on Paper has inspired me to (among other things) document "My Month In Numbers". Check out her June numbers here:

These are my stats for June:

20  rainy days (I'm the only one who's thrilled about this!)

7  industrial-strength shelves we bought & assembled for the bomb-shelter storage room 

18  Sterilite totes (finally the white lids are back!) we bought for said storage room 

102  Instagram posts

9 + 3   items purchased at Elkhorn Flea Market for myself & for others, respectively 

19 + 28   dollars paid for said items

12 + 17  total of so-called "bloody owies" sustained by Ezra and Nehemiah, respectively 

6  nights I survived as a single parent while Harry was in CA

23 episodes of The Good Wife I watched while he was gone

2 Peas in a Bucket, which will cease to exist as of July 10. SO SAD. 

Can't believe I've resisted this project for so long! It's been a fun way of categorizing my memories and I will definitely be doing this regularly. I didn't decide to participate in June's MMiN until the first of July, so I wasn't thinking numbers throughout the month. I can already tell that I'll have a lot more data-laced memories to sift through for July.