New Song

As we begin a new year, it seems fitting that I should also celebrate my new website: This site is a culmination of years spent pondering and dreaming and praying, but it is also a beginning. It is skeletal, at best: only a framework of what I envision and what I pray is possible. It is my response to the call of the God who made me and is still making me; it is my new song. 

The website has two main sections:
BLOG: A miscellany of writing and pictures about my many passions. (See the ABOUT page for a current but non-exhaustive list.)
THIS TWO-STORY HOUSE: My new ministry, consisting of writing by me and others about the ways God has changed our story, as well as prompts to encourage you to think and write about your own story. (See the THIS TWO-STORY HOUSE page for more detail.)

I'm excited to share this with you, and even more excited to hear from you. Will you sing this new song with me?!