A Month In Kenya: Day 1 (Wednesday, June 21)


We had a fantastic beginning to our visit. The boys had gotten to bed about 1:00 a.m. the previous night, and woke up on Wednesday (Day 1) about 9:00 a.m. Harry and I had gone to bed about 2:00 a.m. He woke up about 8:00, but I slept until 10:00! ("Haven't done THAT since the third grade...") I stumbled out into the living room to find Harry and the boys watching rugby. We had just watched Invictus so it was perfect that the Springboks were one of the teams playing. We had a leisurely morning of watching rugby and football (soccer), unpacking, and working in our art journals. Harry made us breakfast (eggs, avocado, toast, mango juice, tea), and I was sure I must be in heaven. I mean, look at the size of this avocado!!  


My favorite part of being in Kenya, though, is getting to see Harry be happy with his family. Oh my goodness, does that bring me joy! On our first day, his brothers Mark and Maurice stopped by to bring us some groceries and they stayed to have tea and digestives (cookies). The amount of laughing that goes on between these brothers...oh boy! They make even the simplest conversations so fun. 


We had the boys put away their things in the wardrobe in their room. Ezra threw stuff on shelves in about two minutes and then lounged around in bed while Nehemiah meticulously ordered his clothes, either hanging them or folding them carefully.  


Mid-afternoon we FaceTimed with Gramma and Unca B. I was holding the phone in the living area when I heard Nehemiah's clear little voice call out from their bedroom: "Um, need a little help here. It's kind of an emergency." I scurried in, and once I realized Nehemiah wasn't hurt, held the phone so my family could see what was happening. Nehemiah had been playing with the mosquito net that cascades over his bed like a canopy and had gotten completely twisted up, looking like the latest prey in Charlotte's web and bringing the entire canopy down on top of him. I was laughing so hard that my natural lack of coordination was amplified, and my attempts to extricate him only seemed to make things worse, which then made me laugh harder. Ezra finally saved the day and figured out an exit in about three seconds. Holy cow, that was a predicament I will not soon forget!

Late afternoon brought a rainstorm, which catapulted me into such bliss that I was rushing joyfully from one window to the next, taking in each view and inhaling the cool dampness. My favorite vantage point was this one, looking out from the laundry room over the back yard and hearing the rain pound through the metal gutters. 


When Mark came to get us about 6:30, dusk was setting in beautifully over our complex.  


We spent the reminder of the evening at Mark and Wabi's house, which is about 8-10 minutes from our place. [A little back story is required here. Mark is Harry's eldest brother. In 2012, after about 20 years of marriage, his wife Irene was diagnosed with cancer. Her treatment was successful for a short while, but unfortunately for all of us, Irene went home to the Lord in December of 2014. Mark was remarried in August of 2016 to a wonderful woman named Wabi, and Mark and Irene's three daughters Shiru (19), Noni (14), and Lisa (10) have welcomed her warmly into the family.]

We passed a lovely evening with everyone, filled with admiring the photos from Mark and Wabi's wedding...


playing card games... 


eating a DELICIOUS meal (I'll do an entire post on foods later)... 


and laughing, laughing, laughing! (Look how happy my husband is!) 😍


Harry's youngest brother Patrice surprised us by dropping by with his wife Courtney and their sons Taye (11) and Micah (6). It was the boys' first time seeing each other since 2010 and they connected immediately! 


And we also got to see CuCu! (CuCu is the Kikuyu word for Grandma, pronounced ShoSho; there should be a ~ over each letter "u" but my computer won't let me do it.)  Sadly she recently fractured her ankle and tore a ligament, but true to form (and just like my own mom), she says she's perfectly fine and brushes away any pity or concern. She is a strong, capable, loyal woman (again, just like my own mom) and I wish the boys could know her better. 


If Day 1 was any indication, this trip is going to be AWESOME.