A Month In Kenya: Day 4 (Saturday, June 24)


Day 4 began quietly and slowly, much to Ezra's chagrin. He and Harry were up early, so Harry had him draw a list for the day on his boogie board, then entertain himself drawing Pokemon. Following my first night of sleeping completely through the night (yay!!), I woke up at 9:30, prepared my morning tea and toast, and worked on my blog until Ezra begged me to play cards. All morning long there was a constant refrain of "When is Nehemiah going to get up?" and "Can we wake him up now? Please?" I implored Ezzy to be quiet and let Nehemiah sleep. He said, "How 'bout doing this?" and I turned to see him clutching saucepan lids like improvised cymbals. Thankfully he was kidding and Nehemiah was allowed to sleep until he woke up naturally about 11:00 a.m. We had a leisurely day (including a nap for Harry, of course), then took an Uber to Patrice (pronounced "PAT-riss") and Courtney's place.

I love being driven somewhere because I can observe and take photos somewhat unobtrusively. 

We spent another enjoyable day lounging around Patrice and Courtney's place. Harry and Patrice researched setting up a Kenyan bank account for us while I worked on my blog and chatted with Courtney. The big boys played upstairs and Micah entertained me by playing hide-and-seek and drawing pictures. 

The evening closed with Patrice showing us a hilarious YouTube video and Micah and Lemayian dancing to it. Lots of laughing!