A Month In Kenya: Day 8 (Wednesday, June 28)

I need to start with a hilarious story from Day 7 (Tuesday) that I forgot to include in that post. When we entered the apartment after our excursion, Christine was finishing up for the day. She told us that the little monkey had ENTERED THE APARTMENT while we were gone! That naughty creature ate all our little bananas, then Christine found him in the dhobi (laundry room) trying to hand eggs out to his waiting parents!! That image cracks me up! 

We spent Day 8 recovering from our busy Day 7. (You know you're on vacation and/or you're an introvert when you need to recover from being from out of the house for four hours!) Harry walked to the store for milk, eggs, and the first doughnuts of the trip for the boys. So funny that the sprinkles are called vermicelli! (In America, we often hear the term used to describe angel hair pasta, though the literal translation comes from the Latin term for "worm", which, while apt, isn't quite as appealing.) And Nehemiah chose a pink fondant doughnut, which I assumed was just pink-colored icing but turned out to be strawberry flavored. 

The rest of the day we mostly lounged around. I wrote, the boys watched Pokemon, and Harry used the treadmlll and took a nap.

A little side note: There are no throw blankets here. The boys have solved that issue in different ways. Nehemiah discovered that my big scarf covers his tiny little body pretty well, so he's been using that. Ezra, who prizes coziness, usually drags in his big comforter and pillow from the bedroom.  

Harry and his brothers had originally planned to do dinner together, but one of the brothers had a conflict, so they decided to reschedule for a later time. So Harry and the boys walked to Galito's to pick up chicken and chips for dinner (and to hunt Pokémon). By the time they had returned, though, Mark had called Harry to suggest the two of them go ahead and do dinner together, so they went out to the "For You Chinese Restaurant" and the boys and I ate the chicken and watched a movie. 

Harry said the restaurant's clientele was as culturally diverse as its menu; he estimated there were at least six different ethnicities/races/cultures represented by the customers at the various tables. 

And that's it for our relatively uneventful day!