A Month In Kenya: Day 10 (Friday, June 30)

Day 10 got off to a rollicking start when the little monkey showed up at the window again. Nehemiah couldn't get over how cute it was. He BEGGED to let it in so he could pet it and feel its fur. I said absolutely not!

The monkey then bounded up the roof and we could hear him scamper across the top. The boys opened the door to see if they could find him and ACK! HE WAS IN THE STAIRWELL! 

The boys were delighted! I was trying to be blasé but also protective, a balancing act at which I miserably failed. (I beg you to turn off the audio so you don't have to listen to me try.) At least Nehemiah got his wish!

I wrote all morning, Harry read, and the boys played with Atem. Shortly after 1:00, we trooped down to the driveway to wait for Aunt Courtney and Cousins Micah and Taye, who would be arriving shortly to pick up the boys for a sleepover. We even had time to sneak in another family picture.

When Courtney and the boys arrived, Ezzy and Nehemiah climbed into the car and Micah got out to say hi to Harry. (He loves his Uncle Harry.) The grown-ups kept talking and talking so all the boys eventually got out of the car so Taye could show Ez & Nehemiah his new card tricks.  

Harry read & napped while I wrote, then Mark picked us up about 3:30. We drove about 10 minutes north to an upscale old-money area called Lavington to eat with Mark & Wabi at their favorite restaurant, Mambo Italia. Of course I saw great stuff on the way there. 

We sat out on the patio and had a huge, delicious meal of lasagna, salad, wine and chips (fries). It was about 4:15 when our food arrived. Hahaha! Because it was Friday night, traffic would have been crazier and the restaurant would have been unbearably louder if we had eaten later. This way, we were able to have good conversation without competing with music. Mark and Wabi told us how they met and fell in love, which was so fun to hear. Mark was even able to call up the first text message he sent Wabi in February 2016! She's a kind, authentic, intelligent woman, and I'm so glad I now get to call her sister. 

We moved the conversation to Mark and Wabi's house after dinner, where I finally caught a picture of Wabi pouring the customary post-dinner tea. Usually I've been so groggy from just eating a large meal and so excited about diving into my tea that I've forgotten to snap a photo of this common, much-appreciated experience.