A Month In Kenya: Day 21 (Tuesday, July 11)

The hospitality continued into Day 21 when we woke up to the blissful smell of sausage and pancakes. What a way to greet the day! Benga and Selah headed off to VBS before the boys tucked into their delicious meals, including hot chocolate. Nehemiah was overjoyed! Some trampolining by themselves and then video games with Kanjii rounded out the morning. We even got to see a music video that Benga and Selah had made with their cousin: singing a song that Selah wrote! It was really impressive. 

And of course Ezra wasn't content until he could try out a card trick on Mwendie, who was a most enthusiastic and encouraging audience. Mwendie even showed me the current draft of her next book, and we talked about the various creative projects we're interested in pursuing. It was such fulfilling and inspiring time.

The drive from Red Hill back to Nairobi was another riot of color and sights. Shortly after leaving Kanjii and Mwendie's house, we entered a village and saw that the police were requiring cars to pull over before passing through. Kanjii, Mwendie, and Harry were laughing and talking in Swahili, and I got the impression that being pulled over and inspected for no reason was just something that happens in Kenya. The officer glanced into the car at the rest of us, then examined Kanjii's license and asked a few questions in Swahili. In general, his mood seemed light and there didn't seem to be any threat or issue, and eventually he waved us forward. Someone commented that things would probably have gone very differently if I hadn't been there, implying that the officer would have required a bribe if a mzungu hadn't been a witness. Then someone said that the interim Cabinet Secretary of the Interior, assigned to the post after Nkaissery's recent death, is wasting no time in the fight against corruption. He's ordered all new police uniforms: without pockets! If this anecdote is true, it is certainly a creative approach to the bribery problem. 

Day 21 ended with art journaling, rest, and pizza/moonie.