A Month In Kenya: Day 23 (Thursday, July 13)

The boys (allegedly) went to sleep at 1:30 a.m. and (allegedly) woke up at 8:00 a.m. I woke up at 8:37 a.m. and I'm not sure Harry ever slept, so he might be the better one to ask about whether there were any noisy shenanigans last night. All I know is that I entered the boys' room this morning to find that they'd moved the twin bed over to the queen bed and there were cards, snack wrappers, pillows, and books scattered everywhere.

Harry walked to get doughnuts for the boys, bringing their sleepover experience full-circle. They made the most of their day together by watching a movie, playing cards, wrestling and tackling, learning new card tricks, and running around outside with Atem. I'm sure they'll say they're not exhausted, but I bet we'll be able to count on one hand the number of minutes it'll take them to fall asleep tonight! 


We had two close encounters of the wild kind. The first happened while Harry was napping and the boys were playing outside. I heard telltale scampering on the roof and jumped up from my laptop, racing frantically to close the living room windows and the front door which the boys had left ajar. I slammed the door with a sigh of relief and turned back towards the table, only to see a large monkey crouched on the kitchen counter, a banana in hand, frozen in position as if hoping he'd blend in and escape notice! I leapt toward him, waving my arms and shouting "TCHAH!", but in one quick instant he had grabbed the remaining bunch of bananas and flung himself through the open kitchen window onto the roof. Such a clever, exasperating creature! Soon after he'd polished off our bananas (or maybe dropped them at home for his family... Who knows?!) I spied him on the opposite rooftop, surveying the scene. I could almost see the thought bubble hovering over his shrewd head: "Hmmmmm... Nope. Looks like all those other people were a lot smarter than that lady in A7. No way I'm gettin' in any of THOSE windows." 

Okay, monkey. Game ON. 

The day's second wild creature sighting would be inconsequential to anyone not infatuated with crows, but as for me, I was thrilled about the tuxedoed bird strutting back and forth on the roof just next to our kitchen window, cawing brashly. The fact that it reminded me of autumn was a lucky bonus.

For dinner Harry ordered Domino's pizza for the boys. We'd all yearned for Mambo Italia, but decided it would be wiser to order something cheaper. So I settled for another meal of samosa and avocado (oh darn!) and let the boys devour the pizza. 

And since I'm not expecting any other developments before bedtime, I'll wrap up today's post right now, marking the first time I've actually posted an entry the same day it happened. WOOHOO!

(UPDATE: Had to add in a pic of the cousins playing video games together, and of the boys FaceTiming their friends Beckam and Easton in the U.S. Even THAT conversation contained an inordinate amount of video game discussion. Sigh.)