A Month In Kenya: Day 12 (Sunday, July 2)


Not much to show for Day 12. I was at home with the heating pad all day (booooo!) while Harry and the boys went to church, had lunch at Wabi's parents' house, and attended a birthday party for Wabi's nephew. Harry said that the boys loved hanging out with their cousin Lisa all day. They spent a lot of time reading jokes and sharing them. 

Harry also reported that the boys ate avidly wherever they were. At lunch, Nehemiah especially loved the cabbage and Ezra liked the mix of rice/peas/carrots and of course chapati. At the birthday party, they devoured kaimati, which are like sugared mandazi. Harry was excited that Wabi's mom gave him some papayas and bananas from trees in their backyard.

During the party, the kids all played a game called kati that's like a version of dodgeball. Person A stands at one end of the field, Person B stands at the other end, and the rest of Team A and Team B stand in the middle. Person A tries to hit the Team B people with the ball and any who get hit are eliminated from the game. Person B intercepts the ball after it rebounds off or passes by the people in the middle, then Person B tries to hit Team A people with the ball. If the game proceeds to a point where only one person remains in the middle and that person is able to evade the ball ten times, the rest of the people are all allowed back into the middle.

Remember when I showed a picture about "Property Not For Sale" notices around town? Well, Harry spotted this intense one which seems to serve as a public service announcement as much as a warning. 


And that was Day 12!