A Month In Kenya: Day 13 (Monday, July 3)

Another low-key day. We started with some art journaling and writing, then moved on to a game of Phase 10. 

Then Harry and the boys walked to the store to get doughnuts. 

And Nehemiah experimented with fashion. 

Super-quick Face Time talk with Gramma, Poppy, and Unca B. They told us they were on their way to Monty's Blue Plate for breakfast and there was a chorus of wails from the boys! (They miss pancakes fiercely.) When we finished the call, Ezra handed the phone to Nehemiah and said, "You hang up. I don't like to hang up on Gramma."

The boys played outside with Atem for awhile, Harry took his daily nap, and we closed out a lounge-y day with pizza/moonie.