A Month In Kenya: Day 16 (Thursday, July 6)

Today was another textbook vacation day: an inspiring venture to an appealing destination sandwiched between lots of lounging and family time. We started with art journaling, cards, reading, and writing. We each cobbled together our own breakfasts, then the boys invented a game where rolled socks represented different Pokemon and weapons (I'm not sure if that's what they're called in Pokemon, though). There was a lot of laughing! 

We took an Uber to Junction Mall so the boys could get haircuts. While we were in the car, a matatu passed us. Sometimes matatus play really loud music. I was able to capture a quick snippet of video so you could hear and (slightly) see.  

The salon is called Nywele Nzuri (Good Hair) and is on the top (fourth) floor of the mall. Eric is the same stylist who cuts our nephew Taye's hair, so we decided to give him a try. He cut the boys' hair first, then a woman took each of them into a side room to wash their hair and give them a little neck and scalp massage. Finally Eric met them in the side room to style their hair with gel. Nehemiah was the first one to emerge. He sank onto the couch with a contented sigh and declared, "That massage was AWESOME. I don't think I'll ever have such an awesome massage again in my entire life." 

After the haircuts we made our way down to (surprise!) Java House for lunch. They were having trouble with staffing in the kitchen, so we waited for quite awhile and even then our food ended up coming in shifts. (We eased our impatience with a game of Scrabble Slam.)

First Nehemiah devoured his Mickey Mouse pancake as well as a bunch of chips (fries) that were delivered at the same time. A disgusting combination to be sure, but he was pleased with it. When he swallowed his last bite of pancake, Nehemiah announced, "Well, that's the end of those!" Harry, meanwhile, quickly dispatched his chicken pie and masala tea. Eventually Ezra's two huge pancakes and two sausages arrived and he scarfed them down in record time. My chicken samosa arrived last, but was worth the wait. 

The afternoon consisted of FaceTiming Gramma and subjecting her to more card tricks, playing soccer with Atem, and tweaking their Pokemon game (they had me hide the Pokemon/socks). We rounded off our evening with leftovers, fresh papaya, and Phase 10.