A Month In Kenya: Day 19 | Part 1 (Sunday, July 9)

Sunday was awesome and all of its wonderful activity can be summed up in three bullets: 
- Church
- Pokémon & monkeys
- Tea at CuCu's
But don't think you're getting away with seeing only three photos. (Ha!) On the contrary, I've had to divide this post into two parts because we're getting ready to go out of town so I won't be able to post again until Tuesday night at the earliest. 

As usual, Nehemiah was the last one to wake up. He is loving the chance to sprawl across a large bed.

About 10:15, we took an Uber to Life Community, the church pastored by Harry's eldest brother Mark. It's held on the picturesque grounds of a school. The lovely service began with five songs led by a keyboardist, vocalist, guitarist, and bassist. After a brief prayer, Mark opened his message with a brief exhortation about the upcoming elections (to be held August 8). He cautioned people not to let tribalism dictate their decision, and he segued into the passage from Jeremiah 29: 4-14 where Jeremiah speaks to the Israelites who have been taken captive to Babylon. The bottom line is that our hope and confidence are in God, not in a political leader. God is sovereign, and He can and will accomplish His purposes regardless of what human being is in power, even if that person is set on his or her own ways. God was at work while the Israelites were in captivity just as He is at work now. He has not forgotten and will not forget the needs of His children. This message was as vital and comforting to us Americans as to the Kenyans in the service. I left the service feeling hopeful and edified. (Note: there's not really much to see in the following video; I just wanted to capture the song.) 

After church, everyone had tea (yay!) and mingled in the garden. I met an American woman named Joanna who lives in Kenya, two Kenyan couples (Eric & Martha, Titus & Tzipporah), and the two young women who led the music (Wambui and Sally). Courtney even let me take some pictures of her in her awesome dress that she found for 300 shillings ($3.00). 

When we all finally bid farewell, the boys went with Wambui (the one mentioned above who had played keyboards and sung during the service). Wambui is actually a relative of Harry's, though he doesn't remember exactly how they're related. She may be his dad's cousin's daughter or something like that, but all he knows is that they consider their relationship uncle/niece. It's quite common here for people only to know they're related and not to know the exact nature of the relationship. Anyone in a grandparent's generation is called your Guka and CuCu, anyone in a parent's generation is called Auntie or Uncle, anyone in your generation is called cousin or brother or sister. 

Wambui was so generous and helpful! She took Ezra, Nehemiah, Taye, and Lisa for a couple of hours around town to hunt Pokémon and she even bought them chicken, chips, Coke, and shakes for lunch!

While they were gone, Harry and I had some quiet time at home. While we were making lunch, we kept hearing noises from the dhobi (the laundry room). We opened the door to see that naughty monkey on the ironing board! And he had left a little token of appreciation on the washing machine. UGH!! Harry kept trying to scare it away but it was not deterred (interestingly, a female's voice or presence has virtually no effect on the monkeys...Harry told me that's not unique to me). We shut and locked the door, but kept hearing him in there. I tried to capture a video under the door but couldn't get it to focus correctly, though it's still pretty funny. He was so persistent. He kept reaching under the door trying to get through! I was laughing uproariously at his antics. Harry was not so amused. "That monkey's just a nuisance!"