Poem-A-Day Challenge: Day 11

April is National Poetry Month so I’m tackling the Writer’s Digest 2019 April PAD Challenge hosted by Robert Lee Brewer.

Today’s prompt: Write a dedication poem. This is a poem dedicated to a person, an animal, or an organization. Or hey, objects work too—like a poem to a rock or paper bag. Put the dedication in the title or in a line under the title (“for Mother” or “to the heart-shaped rock between the creek and the tulips”).

Photo by David Pisnoy / Unsplash

Photo by David Pisnoy / Unsplash


1980s—you were
loud, lavish, over-the-top.
No wonder I loved you.

REM and Billy Joel,
up-sprayed bangs and Just Say No.
Tube socks, Diet Coke, Air Jordan
Thriller, Swatch Watch, and Meg Ryan.

Super Bowl Shuffle, Ms. Pac-Man,
Baby oil for the darkest tan,
Madonna, Brat Pack, Duckie, Dune,
Ms. Ride’s Challenger gone too soon.

First love, first kiss, first broken heart,
Miss Saigon, Keith Haring’s art.
Driver’s license, neon brights,
crazy earrings, Engelbreit.

Les Mis and The Limited,
the M&M comes back in red.
Debbie Gibson, Tiffany,
Pretty Woman, Agassi.

Farewell to the Berlin Wall,
Star-6-9 returns a call.
Banana clips and MTV,
Pan Am over Lockerbie.

Shoulder pads and Sassy mag,
saying we were “on the rag”.
Band Aid and Sweet Valley High,
Punk, aerobics, Lady Di.

Boiled rabbit, Wham!, E.T.,
I’ll have what she’s having please.
Top Gun and I Melt With You
Guess! jeans, gag me with a spoon.

Heavy metal, lots of blush,
Rubik’s cube and Macintosh.
Madonna, Reagan, VHS.
Acid denim and The Smiths.

Just for you, ‘80s:
This one goes out to the one
I left behind.