Poem-A-Day Challenge: Day 13

April is National Poetry Month so I’m tackling the Writer’s Digest 2019 April PAD Challenge hosted by Robert Lee Brewer.

Today’s prompt: Write a view poem. Wherever you’re at, you have a view: maybe of a river or sunset. Maybe of a cubicle or a copy machine. Even the blind have a view of darkness, nothingness, or some other -ness. And that’s just being literal, because everyone has views on sports, politics, poetry, etc.



the ground is greening fast and gossiping trees bustle above.
Twitching its insouciant tuft, a grey squirrel scrabbles for harvest
in the wake of the blue jays, spring’s bright sentries, now scattered to unknown homes.
I can’t see the first wild hyacinth but I know it’s there, next to the
lavender allium waiting to make its slow slide skyward.
A rare car whispers by.
It is almost enough to startle me back to
the grimy window, the strewn bag, the
fresh blank screen, waiting
for its own bounty.