Poem-A-Day Challenge: Day 21

April is National Poetry Month so I’m tackling the Writer’s Digest 2019 April PAD Challenge hosted by Robert Lee Brewer.

Today’s prompt: Write a sketch poem. My initial thought is to write a poem that’s like a sketch of a moment or an object. But you can play around with sketchy people or situations. Or just sketch something else together.



Sun shouts the day awake
He is risen indeed!
Windows & doors flung wide, cool breeze
Sprinkled doughnuts, chipper boys
Tea for me, holding tight to Lenten fast
Chirping birds, loud with glee
Car-lined street, bursting church
Stooped man, white shirt, dapper grey vest, tiny happy steps to his car
Boys play Fortnite, Mommy writes, Daddy studies


Drive to Gramma and Poppy’s
Hyper boys, excited search
Bills peeking from books, coins on shelves, purple foil eggs on sofa arms and lamps
”Warmer / Colder” for the last few
Bookcase, Nehemiah: “Found one! Found another! And another!”
Pastel-marbled tissue, stainless steel “baskets”
UnderArmour shirts, new summer socks, mini Snickers, marzipan bars
Head outside: glittering lake, Adirondacks, crisp Chardonnay
Horde of contented coots huddled on water
Grass green and lush, tufts of bluebells, daffodils
Stretch on patchwork throw, bright cardinal, loud song, boys shooting hoops & teasing
Back inside: white-clothed table, pink & blue Easter grass, pussy willows
Ham, potatoes, asparagus, rolls, fruit
Boys quiz Unca B, NBA trivia
After-lunch scattering: Poppy nap, Daddy studying again in lakeside sun
Soft couches, dozing, Golden State vs LA
Outside again, basketball: boys, Unca B, Bella
Cheesecake for grownups, Lenten fast done
Kitchen table: silliness, giggles, old-man cranky face and widow’s peaks
Pack up food, hugs, waving goodbye
Back home: quick showers, rushed leftovers, rare evening Fortnite (Unca B!)
Spring break fades away
Boys asleep, Daddy (more) studies, Mommy writing, HouseHunters
Laundry, dishes, off to bed
Thank You, Lord, for all of it.