What's in my bag?

I've had a couple of questions about what I keep in all these little pouches so I thought this was the easiest way to share. 

Turquoise Tool Kit (bottom left): pens/pencils

Black/white/yellow Vera Bradley (top left middle): sunglasses 

Khaki/red geometric (top right): vintage wooden game pieces that I use to keep track of the boys' behavior while we're out and about 

Olive and black small Chilewich (middle): one for each boy's behavior chips

Orange pinked West Elm (bottom middle): Masala Chai tea bags

Black pinked West Elm (bottom middle): bandages and sometimes sunblock 

B&W composition book (top right): wallet

Black/khaki linen tartan (top right): hand sanitizer, lotion, nail clipper, business card holder, face powder, mascara, lip gloss

And THAT, my friends, is why I rarely carry a small bag!