about this two-story house

It seems like people have been talking a lot about story lately. And there's a good reason for that. We all have a story. A Before and an After... a Then and a Now... an Old and a New. Sometimes it's dramatic and clear, where someone can say I was a drug addict, but now I've been clean for 11 months. Often it's not so easily divided into tidy categories, but is messy and layered, with our healing overlapping our struggle. But because God is ultimately the Author of our lives and because He brings order from chaos, there are patterns in our story. And in looking for them, we realize that we do not have to remain stagnant. We are not doomed to be mired in our past. God can and does transform us, and He transforms our stories. 

I know this from experience. I was a rule-following, people-pleasing good girl; God convinced me that I am defined by grace alone. I was abandoned by one husband and betrayed by another; God not only sustained me but empowered me to live a joyful life unencumbered by fear. I have been trapped in an addiction to food; God is freeing me through every self-denying choice.

I am a two-story house. I have a Before and an After, a Then and a Now, an Old and a New. He turned my mourning into dancing and my sackcloth into gladness so that my glory would sing praise to Him and not be silent (Psalm 30:11-12 NKJV). And so I have started this website and this ministry. He has written me a marvelous story, and I want to proclaim it. 

But I also invite you to proclaim yours. After all, we are each a two-story house, every one of us. Let’s not hide His righteousness in our hearts, or conceal His lovingkindness and His truth. Let’s declare His faithfulness and His salvation (Psalm 40:10 NKJV). This Two-Story House is a place for you: a place to read others' stories, a place to learn how to recognize how He is shaping your story, and a place for you to declare His faithfulness by telling your story. There will be writing by me and by others about the ways God has changed our story, and there will also be prompts to encourage you to think and write about your own story. So stay tuned and prepare yourself to fling open the doors of your own two-story house. We can’t wait to visit.